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Magic Face MF 280 Technical Specifications 


Iris Recognition System 

  • The highest level of security that cannot be copied or cracked
    Iris reading from 25 to 60 cm
    Brightness, light and contrast adjustment
    150 iris recognition capacity
    Web server feature
    Tamper alarm feature
    Ability to store 50,000 logs
    Easy iris identification and easy iris reading with optical mirroring
    Ability to run on all operating systems Windows 7 and above
    Ability to transfer irises from one device to another with computer connection
    High speed with TCP/IP Connection
    SDK and DLL support


Why can thermal equipment take body heat? 

  • Automatic thermal temperature measurement and scanning system, with non-contact temperature measurement, can quickly and widely measure the body temperature of the crowd, real-time eliminate individuals with abnormal fever. Medical personnel can use the thermometer to retest immediately after quarantining the suspected target.


Magic Face MF 850 Technical Specifications 

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