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Software Programs

All of our software programming solutions you need in terms of software programs are presented to your liking with multi support panels. Providing full support to your needs with both MRP1, MR2, ERP1, ERP2 infrastructure support, corporate software support and desktop software support, all technical software programs within KURTUBASOFT have been designed with your needs in mind, focusing on your wishes. Additional software programs can be developed according to your special requests and needs, and they can be presented to you with design and software changes according to your additional needs and requests.



Materials requirements planning (MRP) is a computer-based inventory management system designed to increase productivity for businesses. Companies use material requirements planning systems to forecast raw material quantities and schedule their deliveries.


Enterprise resource planning or business resource planning is the general name given to integrated management systems that enable the efficient use of resources such as labor, machinery and materials required for the production of goods and services in enterprises.


Production Planning

Production planning and management covers topics such as what to manufacture when, how much inventory to stock, how to schedule the production line according to material flow and customer demands. Considers supply chain management and logistics. Determining the mode of production is important for these interactions.

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